We offer qualified and integrated solutions capable of transforming the future of organizations and their professionals. This idea drives us every day. Our services are exclusive to the real estate and infrastructure markets, and their main objective is to enhance people and organizational process management.

Meet our solutions

Recruitment & Selection
Career Management
Job and Salary Research
Team Training
Advisory services for boards
Review and restructuring of processes
Personal Branding
  • Recruitment & Selection

    We understand that finding the right person to fill a strategic position in the company is a significant challenge. When seeking professionals, regardless of their seniority level, there are a series of needs, ranging from the candidate's fit with the job description and company culture to their long-term commitment. Recognizing this, we work as allies to your HR team to find the talents you need.

    Bank with over 70,000 talents

    Recruitment at various salary and seniority levels

    Replacement guarantee


    Strategic alignment about the job profile

    Market mapping within 48 hours

    Competency-based interviews

    Weekly report with process updates

    Finalist candidate list sent within 20 days

  • Career Management

    Gain visibility within your company and the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Prepare for a board seat. Expand your network. Secure professional repositioning. These are some of the objectives that executives achieve with our career management process. We provide all the necessary support for this to happen over a 12-month period.

    The Career Management involves:

    Restructuring of the curriculum

    Redesign of the LinkedIn profile

    Recommendation for strategic positions

    Participation in GRI Club events

    Connection with strategic contacts

    Training and storytelling simulations

  • Job and Salary Research

    Compensating your professionals in the most appropriate way, considering not only the individual's importance within the organization but also within the market, is essential to have a good job and salary policy. It helps to keep good employees motivated to work and stay in the company.

    Positions definition

    Salary parameters to be researched

    Data analysis

    Report elaboration

    Survey implementation

  • Team Training

    To achieve good results, professionals need continuous development. With that in mind, we offer customized training solutions for your organization to motivate, engage, and develop a team prepared for the various challenges of daily business life.

    Individual or group mentoring

    In-person or online (live) format

    Customized to the company's needs and culture

    Lectures, courses, and development plans

  • Advisory services for boards

    Guiding companies and executives through the best paths, with the vision and expertise of those who understand management. Global Talent's consulting service for boards serves both organizations and individuals.

    For Board Members

    A tailored solution developed for executives who intend to or provide advisory services to companies.

    For Organizations

    Consulting for companies that aim to prepare themselves to have a board, either to enhance their potential or for potential management succession.

  • Review and restructuring of processes

    Not always the team with the best players is the winner. In organizations, this premise holds true as well. Besides having the best people, processes need to be properly organized and structured to achieve the best results. Identifying critical processes, analyzing the current and desired context, and then pinpointing necessary changes are essential. Ultimately, creating procedures and standards is necessary to ensure this knowledge is recorded and retained within the company.

    Identification of hidden processes

    Mapping of critical processes

    Mapping of interconnections between processes

    Analysis and redesign of restructured process

    Definition of performance indicators

  • Assessment

    Development and application of behavioral assessments with the aim of matching positions and candidates. Our assessment solution generates data through a systematic methodology, ensuring higher success rates in the recruitment and selection process.

    This solution not only contributes to the development of a team aligned with the values and culture of an organization but also helps identify training needs for existing employees and teams.

  • Personal Branding

    Just as companies, individuals have expectations and a reputation. To be recognized and remembered for your best, it's necessary to increase the perceived value of your work, integrate aspects of life with a compelling narrative, and maintain consistency with your online presence. The process of personal branding management with Global Talent involves:

    Individual or group mentoring

    Practical tools and activities

    Knowledge, methodology, and technical guidance



    Self-discovery of your purpose


    Defining your positioning


    Developing your value proposition


    Establishing presence and personality